List of Lords Commisioners of the Admiralty

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List of Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty

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This is a list of Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty (incomplete before the Restoration, 1660).
The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, were the members of the Board of Admiralty, which exercised the office of Lord High Admiral when it was not vested in a single person. The commissioners were a mixture of politicians without naval experience and professional naval officers, the proportion of the latter generally increasing over time. The Lord High Admiral, and thus the Board of Admiralty, ceased to have operational command of the Royal Navy when the three service ministries were merged into the Ministry of Defence in 1964, when the office of Lord High Admiral reverted to the Crown.



[edit] 1621 to 1641

[edit] 1641 to 1661

From the appointment of Warwick until 1660, appointments during this period were made by Parliament or a part thereof.

[edit] 1661 to 1681

[edit] 1681 to 1701

[edit] 1701 to 1721

[edit] 1721 to 1741

[edit] 1741 to 1761

[edit] 1761 to 1782

[edit] 1782 to 1801

[edit] 1801 to 1822

[edit] 1822 to 1841

[edit] 1841 to 1861

[edit] 1861 to 1882

[edit] 1882 to 1901

[edit] 1901 to 1921

[edit] 1921 to 1941

[edit] 1941 to 1964

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